6oversizedpetridishsonjabaeumel.jpgday 18
day 18
5oversizedpetridishsonjabaeumel.jpgday 14
day 14
4oversizedpetridishsonjabaeumel.jpgday 12
day 12
3oversizedpetridishsonjabaeumel.jpgday 10
day 10
living painting 2009

oversized petri dish

I observed and wondered at the transformation of invisible skin bacteria into a living organism, into visible bacteria on external material. Something which had been part of my body became autonomous and visible under the favourable conditions in a petri dish. Seeing a human body outside the context of a living organism and the lack of awareness of its invisible and complex beauty made me think about the generally accepted image of the body. This was new input for my work, i.e. tangibly to visualize the invisible, to raise awareness and cause food for thought. Our bodies do not end with our skin; they extend into space invisibly. The skin border blurs and offers new views.

Oversized Petri Dish intended to visualize a large section of the invisible microbial film. This project proved to be a challenge, as a petri dish of such a size had never been made before. In the framework of the project, pictures of the living and growing part of a body were taken from day 0 to day 44, recording the changes.
This work is part of the (In)visible membrane project, which in turn consists of the following projects: crocheted membrane, oversized petri dish, bacteria texture, visible 
membrane I, bacteria textile and the (in)visible film.
Wageningen University