Scientific Skin

Oct 30 / 2013 - Jan 12 / 2014
Opening Oct 29 / 2013 // 7pm
MAK design space
Stubenring 5
1010 Vienna, Austria
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Guest Curator Sabine Seymour
Curator Thomas Geisler, Curator, MAK Design Collection
Scientific Advisor Heidemarie Caltik, Curator, MAK Design-Info-Pool Collection and Special Archive Design Pioneers, Kathrin Pokorny-Nagel, Head of MAK Library and Works on Paper Collection

"As recently as ten years ago, epidermal electronics seemed unimaginable—but today, electronic systems that adhere to the surface of the skin are being tested for use in various applications, for example by medical research labs all over the world. The MAK FASHION Lab exhibition SCIENTIFIC SKIN provides a look at pioneering design developments that use new technologies to expand the cognitive characteristics of human skin and of textiles, the so-called second skin."

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