p tph

fifty percent human

p es 2

expanded self II

works uebersicht metabodies


p es_1_1

expanded self

p ts_1_2

textured self

p chb_1_3

cartography of the human body

p cm_2_1

crocheted membrane

p bt_1_4

bacteria textile

p vm_2_2

visible membrane I

p tb_2_3

bacteria texture

p op_2_4

oversized petri dish

p pw 1 1

parallel worlds

p smw_4_1


p smw 4 1

slime mould

p es_3_1

planet mensch

p bao_3_2

bio art

p iv_3_3_


ttf 4 4

tool to fool

p lfi_4_3

landscapes form identity

p ff_4_4

 fomes fomentarius

p ssf_5_1


p et_5_3

embroidered tattoo

p 6_1

 synthetic biology

p dw_4_2